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Irene Park was the 'witch that switched'. Irene Park is the author of the book that bears that name "The Witch That Switched. Reverand Irene Park tells her amazing story that spans 40 years of every evil imaginable but ends in victory in Jesus! Left for dead at age 43 Irene Park calls out to God and He brings in the intercessors. The bible tells us that 'she who has been forgiven much, loves much'. Irene knows the lies of the evil one and took a stand for God every day of her life. Irene knew that the enemy of our faith will use any means possible to deceive those that are enticed to learn about any mystical powers, through board games, roll playing, or witchcraft. Irene found out that even at the early age of 3 that a seemingly innocent 'imaginary friend' can bring a lifetime of demonic influence if not brought under the blood of Jesus Christ. Irene knew that it was not a game. The enemy only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Reverand Irene Park dedicated her life to following in the footsteps of Jesus. Jesus Himself said that "you will do the works that I do". Jesus told His followers that He came to 'Undo the works of the devil'. Reverand Irene Park was keenly aware of the works of demonic activity and founded Christ Deliverance Ministries, Inc. where she worked as it's director. Irene has spoken throughout the United States in conferences and on television. She was definitely 'Special Forces' in the army of God. And as you might expect, you don't get a watered down message from Irene. She knew first hand the battle that is raging for your soul. Her book and booklets provide important instruction for the church today. We need to take a stand against the evil that stands to mock God at every turn, in our schools, and in the bodies of government throughout our land. Irene has been leading the pack for years in urging her ministers to plead the blood of Jesus, take communion, and annoint with oil. She knows that we have to use every means that God has provided to stand against 'the wiles of the devil'.

You can read the forward to Irene's book and see the front and back covers at CDM Internet Church Special Offers page. Please take advantage of this special opportunity to equip yourself to be able to stand in these last days. The bible says several times in the book of Revelation... "to him who overcomes". Be an OVERCOMER. Don't put off your preparation.

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