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Webster defines discernment as: keen perception. Perception is awareness... that is further defined as: the result of this; knowledge!

I enjoy reading from The Amplified Bible. I like the additional insight it provides and am not distracted by all the ‘brackets' and added descriptive words. I tend to look at them as places to pause and examine that portion of text. It holds my attention a little longer instead of running past something with my eyes. I was reading the introduction to the book of Proverbs and came across these words: " The stated purpose of this book of Proverbs is to impart skillful and Godly Wisdom." "Wisdom in the book of Proverbs has a broad base of meaning, covering such things as practical knowledge in discerning between good and evil in the ordinary affairs of life; the discernment between truth and error or that which is lasting and makes for success in life;..."

In Proverbs chapter 4 verse 7 it says that "...godly Wisdom is the principal thing." (AMP) I like to give ‘Wisdom' a personality. I think the bible does. It calls Wisdom ‘a her'... and says that she has built her house and hewn out her 7 pillars. Can you picture her house with 7 pillars? (Sounds like another project for Mr Bill) Do you know the name of each pillar? These are some of the things you find in the book of Proverbs. Reportedly the wisest man that ever lived wrote them and reportedly he was the most wealthy too! Ever!

Wisdom has always been defined for me as ‘the applied use of knowledge'. So, if we apply the knowledge we have gained correctly we end up with Wisdom! Which takes us back to the top of the page and ‘discernment'. Discernment, Pray for it! Practice it! Look at the progression to knowledge... Discernment, perception, awareness - Knowledge. Then apply it correctly and you've demonstrated Wisdom. Start to look for these words together like in the second paragraph above where it states: ‘practical knowledge in discerning between good and evil'. That's easy isn't it? The bible states that in the last days men will call good evil and evil good. Is that possible?

I wanted to say all this because I want you to read the following tracts published by The Last Trumpet Ministries. Pastor David J. Meyer shares a similar past with our Irene Park in that he was once a witch too. I can understand the passion they express in their writings because they have the knowledge associated with occult behavior. These tracts that follow are used by permission from Pastor Meyer. I want The-Internet-Church members to be ‘aware' so that we can progress to knowledge and wisdom. It's easy to avoid the big problems; but the bible says it's the ‘little foxes' that spoil the vines! And if we are to ‘run the race' the bible says to cast aside ‘every weight'. Again the big ones would be obvious, but what are all the ‘little ones'? So one of the premises for the Internet Church was to ‘equip the saints' so here you go... Another premise was that we don't take issue with other ministries as only God can examine hearts. So if a compromise to the faith has been pointed out in these tracts about other ministries or ministers, pray for them that God would bring revelation. Let us grow together without compromise filled with Godly Wisdom!

Pastor Herb

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