Happy New Year


There is so much excitement about this new year ! What will the New Year bring? I'm believing God has given us an extention of time to bring our country back to God. We are able to declare once again that America is a Christian Nation under God. I'm inviting you to join me to stand together and pray for our country and it's leaders. We are urged in scripture to pray for those in authority that it may be well for us.

We can agree in prayer that any wicked devices or mischief devised by someone or some group against others shall return upon their own head or heads. This is just agreement with the Word of God that is set forth in: 1Sa 25:39; 1Ki 2:44; 2Ch 6:23; Neh 4:4 Ester 9:25; Psa 7:16; Eze 17:19; Joel 3:4; Joel 3:7; and Oba 1:15. These 10 places are witnesses as to the righteous action of our God against unrighteousness.

Let us stand together as Christian solders standing on God's Word.

The Bible urges us to stand; having on the full armor of God. I urge you to read Ephesians chapter 6, verses 10 thru 18.

Ephesians says we are mighty thru God. Let us take our stand for righteousness.


Peace and Love , Pastor Herb

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