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Mr Bill

Hello! My name is Bill Yoder.
Several years ago a little girl named
Megan Shaver gave me the "Mr. Bill"
nick-name and it stuck. She is now
eighteen and I have become Mr Bill to
everyone. I hope you enjoy my word-
searches, which I have designed to be
not only eye-catching because of their
unique appearance, but also fun and
educational. Each one is taken directly
from Scripture and has been formatted so
that the theme of the word-search matches
the image in which it's presented. I, or
should I say Mr Bill, began designing
word-searches about five years ago in the
usual square or rectangular shapes that we
are all familiar with. Somewhere in the
process, Mr Bill realized that anyone can
make one of these. I wanted mine to be
different, to appear in a fresh and
unusual format.

One day, I remarked to a friend that I
would like to try designing a word-search
that would fit within a graphic image.
After thinking about it he said, "It can't
be done." That was all the motivation I
needed and I began the self-taught process.

Combining my natural curiosity with
imagination and a limited knowledge of
graphics, I have developed a collection
of word-searches that is like no other.
Many hours, not to mention a ton of scrap
paper, has produced the desired effect.

Hundreds of thousands of people around
the world and from all ages and walks of
life enjoy working word-searches and are
always looking for something new and
different. Here it is!

If one of my specially designed word-
searches gets your attention because of
its unique appearance and you work the
puzzle, if during that time you learn
something new about that Scripture
passage, or if you are a new Christian
and use them to learn more, or if you
have been walking with the Lord for
many years and see the truth of the good
news of Jesus in them and are comforted,
or if you are still undecided about
following the Lord and they cause you to
open your Bible and search the word of
God then all of the hours I've spent,
all of the frustration I've experienced,
all of my attempts to make them available
to everyone have not been in vain.
Enjoy your search... Mr Bill

I hope you'll visit me often at:
I also have a New Special Offer available
on the 'Special Offer' page of a 10 Pack
of specially selected word searches for your enjoyment.
I hope you like them.

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